Exam : C# Intermediate Course

Exam : C# Intermediate Course

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This is the graded exam to pass the "C# Intermediate Course". Please read the instructions before starting the test.


This exam contains two test sets having 10 questions in each sets. You will be allotted 20 minutes for each test set individually. It is mandatory to pass in both test sets to pass this exam. Good Luck!

All Tests

1) C# Intermediate : Assessment 1 (20 mins)

The is the "C# Basics course" test for the first 5 chapters - "Classes and Objects : Part 1", "Classes and Objects : Part 2", "Enumerations and Structures", "Object Oriented Programming Principles and Overloading" and "Inheritance Concepts in C#".

2) C# Intermediate : Assessment 2 (20 mins)

The is the "C# Basics course" test for the last 5 chapters - "Overriding and Abstract Classes", "Interfaces in C#", "Properties and Indexers", "File Input and Output" and "Exception Handling".